While out snowshoeing/camping this last weekend, I was watching and waiting for my snow to melt and thinking about adding a second windscreen to my old, MSR Internationale stove. Kinda along the lines the new alcohol stoves use, with an outer windscreen to block the wind/wind gusts, with one open end for air to easily come in and an inner one that is very closely wrapped around the pot/can and has small air holes at the bottom so the fuel can burn. Since I am using a different type stove, this would have a second screen with an opening for the pot handles or pot gripper to grab the pot, that sets on the legs of my stove as I was using my small pot and there is extra room to set a second screen on the legs as they stick out beyond the edges of the pot. My thoughts were the second screen might have a lower, slight funnel shape to move the heat towards the pot and have a little space for the heat to move up the sides of the pot, with a opening for the handle of course.