At first:

Thanks a lot @all^^, it seems to me that you (this forum and members) are more friendlier and amplify better to the questions than at some german communities *rolleyes* *smile*

So I decided to make both kind of types. I will do the single layer from my sympatex. The Idea in hot areas to use a single is good, and for cold times the other type (obvious, better opportunity for insulation).

What kind of conditions...In German we have a cold and wet winter and relative changeable weather in the rest of the year (many rainy days)
I live in munich, now its about 41F and sunny but moisty.

ja, your´re right, this is enough to carry me^^ (5.5´, 121.2 lbs). I just think about the possibilities, my only opportunity to buy good outdoorfabrics is
And there the fabrics cost between 6 and 15,- Euro/per 1.1yrd.
So you are a lucky one^^

If anyone of you would like to comment the fabrics I ment:
At its the no. 70736 Nylon and no. 70669 RS poly.
What do you think about Supplex (no. 70708)?

The last question:
How do you handle sleeping in a slippery fabric??