Hi there,

Ive just registerd here and may you could help me.

I made a simple hammock with a waterproof silnylon (test hammock, 10x5), but now im thinking about a better one for my following bikepacking tour in may.

I cant decide between the following fabrics I found:

Nylon, 1.9oz/square-m., its windproof but breathable, water-repellent (not proof)

Ripstop Polyester, 2.6oz, almost like the first one but feels smooth like silk

uncoated sympatex fabrik, 3.1oz, barely windproof, breathable, feels good like cotton^^

I know hammockforums.net, goood informations but I would like to get some ideas or may experience from you^^

And then I cant decide between a single layer or double one...both works fine with a simple foam pad?

thanks, h sorry for my not perfect englisch, Im german...smile