Here is the first thing I have done, so far. I bought a $2.50 pillow from Walmart and used it to make 3 of these.

I used one to sleep with at home for a couple nights and it's not too bad. A little to slippery. The material is non-ripstop nylon.

It is about 12x16 and weights a little over 6oz.

I sewed elastic bands into the seam, so I could fold it and half and roll it up. \

Rolls up to about the size of a Nalgene bottle.

I made 3 of them. I don't expect each one to last more than a few uses, but hopefully I will have something better by then. This was mostly for practice with a sewing machine.

I think my next pillow project will be to make a stuff sack that is ripstop on one side and this polyester material I have leftover from a quilt project on the other, so I can flip it inside out and stuff something soft in it (something I would have already brought. My poncho/tap maybe?).