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The cup is the stuff.

I have the same cup, out of some generic branded crappy tire (Canadian Tire) "mess kit" from probably 25 years ago.

It's old, beat up, and totally skanky. my alky stove fits inside it, it goes in my AGG pot.

keep the cup.

Just got mine out. Tis the time of year I go through things, both newest and earliest. It's a Palco kit from back to my Yosemite days? I need to post in that Almost Over---thread.

I've used the green Palco cup ever since. Measuring, (when needed,) drinking, etc. The pot is nice, but what others have said about it tipping over upon holding the bail seems true. I remember a few incidents way back. Literally spilling the beans on top of Yosemite Fall when I was barely 16. What memories. That's why I will never let go of the kit, and I'm so happy to be able to use one piece of it, the cup. It will once again be part of my campground camping kit. With honors.

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