Many of you here know I'm a gearhead. Some know I'm a winter camper and fewer know I'm 66. (67 in April).

I'm very experienced in backpacking an am gettin' the itch to do a long trail. The AT is NOT fer me. Seen way too many people on the 100s of miles I've already done there.

Helped build part of the PCT. Mebbe I should do that in 2011, after I do the JMT this summer as a shakedown.

Any trail suggestions... before I git too old?

Regarding gear, have any of you who did a long trail radically changed your gear lineup during or after your hike?

My Big Three:

TENT > TT Moment

SLEEP SYSTEM > WM Megalite, 10yr old Thermarest Lite reg.

PACK > REI Cruise UL 60 internal frame W/ 2 side pockets & Dana Wet Pib front pouch

BOOTS > Danner 453 GTX

STOVE > Vargo JET-TI canister

RAIN/WIND GEAR > Cabela's PacLite

WATER TREATMENT > SteriPen Adventurer & MicroPur tablets

PCT thru hikers, especially, chime in.



Thanks guys for all the trail suggestions. If only I was ten or twenty years younger I'd be up for most of them. And thanks for the pack suggestions too because I'm beginning to look at packs again. My present REI UL 60 pack can't last forever.
I'll likely be in touch with many of you regarding questions about suggested trails.

"There are no comfortable backpacks. Some are just less uncomfortable than others."