Hey, guys. A newbie here. Be gentle.

How hard do you think it would be to build a dumbed down Rainbow?

I like the Rainbow, because you enter on the side. I am a side sleeper, and I think it would be real nice to be able to lay there and watch the sunset/rise. I also like the headroom the rainbow offers. Similar to a dome tent, but without the wasted space. Where we camp/backpack, you usually have to change in your tent and that is very hard for me to do if I cannot sit up.

By dumbed down, I mean it doesn't have to have all of the luxuries of the professionally made version.

-Don't care if the floor clips up. I do want a bathtub floor, but it can be "raised" at all times. Making it convertible just seems like extra complications.

-Doest need to be free-standing. The real version has allows you to put trek poles at the ends to make it freestanding. I rarely have trek poles, but almost always have good stake-holding dirt.

-Doesn't have to be SUPER light. As long as it under 3lbs, I am happy.

OK, so obviously I not going to wind up with anything too close to the Rainbow. I just want to make something simple, inspired by that design. Maybe there are similar designs out there I am missing. My main priorities are:

-Cheap. I am poor. I carry a 5lb $25 tent, right now. I know I am going to have to spend a few bucks to make something light, but the point of my research and effort is to save money.

-Height and width. I like to be able to sit up, and I like to sprawl out when I sleep. The Rainbow's dimensions are about perfect. On the plus side I am short. 5'9" I was thinking something about 4'x7' floor with a height of 3 1/2'

-Ventilation- I sleep hot and I camp in warm weather. I could sleep right outside with a light blanket in 45-50 degree weather and be fine. My main concern is airflow. The daytime temp is usually around 75-95 when we camp. We have even camped in a few open fields. When it's about 90 out and that sun starts blazing about 6am. (a good 3/4 hours before we like to get up)

-Bug proof- Yeah, lots of skeeters and critters where we camp and I cannot sleep in a bug suit.

-Privacy. I need to be able to close it up at night, or when changing. We do lots of family camping. Plus I need protection from the boogie man. He can't you if he can;t see you.

-Side door with a view. The whole purpose of this thread is that I want a side entrance. Otherwise I would just go build the original Taprtent.

Again, maybe there is something out there I am missing.If there was something that fit this criteria that I could buy, then AWESOME. I just can't find it...under $200, anyways.

My only concern with the Rainbow is it's one pole. Seems like it would want to tip. Anyone have experience with it?

Btw, I have already checked out:

That's how I found this forum.

Thanks in advance for any help you guys provide. This is my first post, but I promise I will try to become a productive member of this community once I get some more experience. I will post pics and a walk-through of anything I make, too.

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