Hi All,
I've got a fair amount of backpacking miles under my boots--mostly all on the Hayduke Trail, which I helped "create".
Anyway, I'm gearing up for the PCT after a frightening health issue, mostly to prove to myself that I still can do such things (among a million other reasons).
I'm wondering:
1) do more people still do mail drops for resupply, or is purchasing supplies en route the preferred method? I've only used caches in my treks, but don't want to do that for the PCT.
2) campsites seem to be few and far between, particularly in the southern CA section; is finding sites a problem? is finding empty sites a problem?
3) how necessary are ice/snow tools? and where are you most likely to need them? or will a sturdy pair of boots suffice usually?
4) what do I need to know about bears?
5) is there any issue with safety (from other humans) while out on the trail? (particularly urban/trail interfaces) I've never carried weapons, but some have suggested they may be prudent on sections.

I'm open to any advice/suggestions any of you may have, and thank you for sharing your experience.