Here's a link to the actual tent:

I don't feel like spending several hundred dollars on a tent when I think it can be made under $100. The main materials used are: epic, silnylon, and noseeum mesh. I did read many reviews and understand that the epic material is loved and hated. From my understanding, under normal conditions it's fantastic but under a lot of constant rain it can let condensation in and other negative effects.

Question 1: What if the entire tent (except the noseeum vents) was made out of silnylon material? It'd still be pretty light but I don't know what that would do to the integrity of the tent.
Question 2: What are some good poles that I could use for the interior?
Question 3: What other parts/items would I essentially need?

Just some FYI: I am planning on hiking the entire Appalachian Trail after my Spring semester. That should let you know the type of tent/materials I'd need for my trip. Thanks in advance smile!