Lori, yeah, I see what you're saying about the stake out points. Now that I look at it more, I don't really see how I could modify Henry's design to do that without major changes. I think it'd basically have to be a dual pyramid design with tension between the tops. Actually, it'd basically be the GoLite Shangri-La or MSR Twin Sisters. I'll have to investigate the teepee design more. The site I remember from years ago was big on diy tepee tents. The downside to those is finding a simple way to build a tub and mesh inner around the central pole...and all I can think of are complex sewing patterns that'd surely spring a leak. Henry's Scarp 1 has a great weight, but looks like it'd be more difficult to put up than I'd like, and pretty much impossible for me to replicate on my own at this point.

DJ2, nice list.

Jim, you're right about the warmth. All I meant is that I be able to seal it off well enough that overventilation doesn't become a problem, which basically means the tarp needs to get close to or onto the ground. And don't worry, I won't try whatever system I chose up north first. I'll definitely be giving it a trial run atop local mountains where it gets more than windy enough to give a good test. I do have to wonder if you're right about tarp tents not being strong enough since they're getting hard to find. Henry has moved on. The Mountain Hardware Kiva appears to be gone. The Go-Lite Shangri-La is out of stock almost everywhere, including at Go-Lite.