To add a bit of back story to what I am about to ask advice on. I'm planning a tarp shelter for my up coming trip to Isle Royale National Park. We are planning on backpacking around most of the island in roughly 12 days. What I am looking for is a light tarp for two people. This is my first tent shelter. I have some sewing experience, none on sil or PU nylon. I have read a lot about sewing this stuff and feel like I would be able to manage. I bought an 8X10 blue tarp the other day and have been playing with it. I really like the Half Pyramid Set up.

My idea is to cut off the corners of the half pyramid and use them to fashion a beak attaching a guy line from the beak to the ground. and staking the other edges ether directly to the ground or about 4 inches off for better ventilation. I plan on putting tie outs instead of grommets. What I am asking you for help on is will an 8x10 be big enough to fit two? Where should I place additional guy lines in the main body of the tarp for a tight pitch? Any help would be appreciated. After getting some feedback I plan on cutting into my blue tarp to make a pattern/prototype.