I have tried a few different size rectangular tarps. One I made was too small. I had in my notes from a trip years ago that a 5x7 foot tarp was a bit too small in a driving rain. I'm wondering what size rectangular tarps you have had experience with and how they worked out. Given all other things being equal, I would rather have it be square. Yet there is no sense in carrying extra weight just to make it square. The purpose of my tarp would be to carry it on day hikes/climbs for emergency shelter or bivy and to sleep under in mild weather. Rain is common there, but I find it is usually easy to find a place out of the wind. I know there are some really good tarp-tents manufactured (the SMD Lunar duo looks swell), but there are other reasons I am considering making a rectangular tarp (mostly versatility, but also cost and ease of design/sewing).

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