I will be trying my hand at quilt making during winter break as a Christmas present to myself. smile I have used a sleeping bag as a quilt for a while now and want to upgrade to a real one. This will be my first DYI project. I have no experience and still need my mom to teach me how to sew. I am planning to use climasheild synthetic insulation from Quest Outfitters. I figure synthetic insulation will be easier to work with than down for my first project. So, here are my questions.

I know a lot of people use 1.1 uncoated nylon, should I use this for the lining and shell or are there better options?

I am trying to figure out how I should stabilize the insulation. Has anyone used the Ray Way strategy, does it work well, if so, how do you do it?

Any other suggestions for a first timer would be greatly appreciated.