I'm currently working on a new one for my wife and I'll post a picture of it when I'm done. I love that I now know how to post pictures.

You can see a couple of my older models in the Make Your Own section of this website. Look for DJs 1 lb frame pack and its update.

I'm more into function than looks with my gear. Please don't be put off by the funky looks of my stuff in the Make Your Own section. I think there are some useful ideas in there and if you make one for yourself you can take the time to make it look the way you would like it it look. I often startle or scare people when they see me coming down the trail with my latest experiment.

I can assure you however that with time and patience you can make a frame pack that will carry all of your backpacking stuff comfortably and efficiently and weigh a pound or less. Many people could take several pounds off their total load by doing so because most (but not all) of the frame packs weigh 3-6 lbs.