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I'm trying to learn how to post a picture using the "enter an image" button.

Unfortunatley the right hand text of the instructions in this post are obscured by the Who's Online column.

After pressing the "enter an image" button what do I enter? I tried copying a picture from my documents and pasting it but that doesn't work. Am I supposed to enter a link address?

Is there no way to simply attach a picture from my computer to a post directly?

After "Enter and Image" you should see a pop-up that asks you to enter a URL for the image you wish to display.. I.E. you have to have the picture on some other web site.

If you want to just upload a picture - i.e. one that is only on your computer, and not on an external web site, look at the two special categories - "Trip Reports with Photos" and "Favorite Photos" - I have a post in there which describes how to upload pictures from your computer to those two areas - which will acccept them.

Pictures take a lot of room (hence space and cost) which is why we don't support uploading them to every single forum.

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