Wow,that's an old thread.
Perhaps this has been updated already but in case it's not, I need to rectify something. In one of the first posts, it was said that Gore Pro Shell used a protein as a liner. Now, I don't know if this has been rectified already but in case it's not (and should be since I passed here already), the main difference (and perhaps the only real) between XCR and Pro Shell is that in the 3-layer version XCR uses a warp knit lining while Pro Shell uses a low density woven lining that is supposed to be more breathable, lighter and more durable. So no prtein involved.

For the rest, realise that both Gore and GE (BHA) probably knows eachother weak points and strong points and probably will only admitt their strong points and never their weak points. A very few times, someone from Gore admitted that eVENT was more breathable but this was immediately followed that in th long rong Gore-tex was still more durable. Some manufacturers said they would keep on using Gore-tex because it was more durable.

Does that mean they are right? No idea. Just realise that they will all tell us the story they want us to hear.