the most dangerous "animal" (Brown Recluse Spider)

I didn't know that. But I can tell you we have them here too, a lot of them.

A couple years ago my home office, which is in a "Pole Barn" outside, was filled with them. My eyesight isn't so keen and I didn't really bother to ID the little buggers for several years and they kept multiplying. Finally, after one literally attacked my shoe as I was trying to shoo it out the door, I doubled up my reading glasses and took a good look. Sure enough, there was the distinctive "Fiddle" on it's back.

After that I started killing them. There were a lot of them too. I've probably been bitten once or twice and didn't know it because it was not too severe, but I know several people that have been bit, including two of my daughters (not here at home), and a bite can be very severe. I've never heard of anyone dying from a bite though I suppose it could happen.

I should add that I don't recall ever seeing one in the forest, or anywhere outside here. And I don't really recall seeing one build a web. They might, but usually I see them moving about.

I also have big "Wolf" spiders in my office which I let stay, and the occasional Tarantula which I relocate, but don't see many Brown Recluses anymore and I always kill them when I do. They are the most aggressive spider I've ever encountered.

Tarantulas will rare-up at you if you pester them, otherwise they'll leave you alone and they only come inside during Autumn when they're looking for a place to winter. Brown Recluses will charge you and jump on you when you pester them.

When I lived in So Cal I encountered so many Black Widows that I could smell them even them before seeing them, and could tell by just touching a web if it belonged to one. But they were never as aggressive as the Brown Recluses here. And we have Black Widows here too, but not near as many as in So Cal.


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