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In the late 1970's my ex-husband and I hunted coyotes for the money. A good quality hide would bring $70 - $50 for the hide and $20 bounty. Coyotes were really killing lots of domestic sheep so at that time there was a good bounty on each. Ex had a job winter feeding elk on the big bend of the Green River. We would put bait out the bedroom window and pop off the coyotes early in the morning. Coyote money is what fed us that winter. (we also had two kids - age 1 and 3).

I bought a new rifle with coyote pelts in high school (early 80's) when I could get $135 a pelt for them in january and february..


I honestly think that a major problem is that no hunting is allowed in national parks. Animals shy away from people when they associate us with danger. Hunting establishes this connection.

I agree completely there, especially with the big cats and wolves/coyotes.


As for anti-hunters -- all I can say is that if you cannot look something in the eye

and shoot it

gut it

clean it

and cook it

you have no business eating meat at all

No problems here.. backstrap's mighty tasty out of them little ones. wink

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