I like coyotes

Me too, Jim. We've always had packs running the ridge and hollows where I live, and I have never heard of one being aggressive towards people. But this past year all my neighbors have lost pets to them.

It may have a lot to do with the Lake level being so high. The Army Corps has flooded the lake for most of the past two years and this has decreased the nearby surrounding habitat by around 1000 acres where squirrel, rabbits, quail, rats, and other small critters used to be plentiful.

At the same time we've had the Conservation Dept, the Forest Service, and the Corp close well over a hundred miles of off-road access trails to vehicles in our County and those that border it. This has certainly led to an increase in their population and forced many coyotes to head out into nearby areas. Everyone within a few miles of me lives on at least 5 or more acres surrounded by public land so it's easy for them to hide out on the fringes of our living space.


"You want to go where?"