I lived on a government sheep research station in Idaho for a year as a child. They were researching, among other things, coyote predation on sheep flocks. They used great Pyrenees dogs to protect the sheep from yote attacks. For those with livestock and pets threatened by yotes you might look into these types of dogs.
At the station nobody seemed worried about people being attacked by the yotes. Maybe times are a changing.
They did trap live ones for research purposes. I had an uncle visit and he looked at the nice little coyotes in the dog pens. One came up to him so he stuck his finger in to let the "nice little yote" sniff it... yup, uncle got stitches.
Times might be the same...

Wild dogs, pet dogs, coyotes, cougars, even smaller animals will attack people at some points in time but lets not go crazy.
My condolences to the family. That pack of yotes should be hunted.