I tried for a couple years to fire warning shots...

Thanks for the info. It pretty much blows my paintball plan out, but I didn't have much faith in it in the first place to be honest. I might as well skip past deterrence.

My wife is ready to go shoot them herself as it stands. They've taken most all her outdoor cats and she's mad as can be.

I'm not a hunter, I haven't even shot a rifle in over 30 years, so I figured my next step would be to get a 410 shotgun and pepper their tail ends, but if that's not a real deterrent either than I'll just borrow a buddies rifle and get to business.

The pack that lives near us is getting bolder, that's for sure. And our dogs are no match for them. They're all either old, fat, crippled up, or stupid and they stay up late to howl like drunken sailors with the coyotes every darn night. I'm not convinced that they weren't chasing that one the other day in hopes to get some tail.

I supposed my best bet is probably to get up early and set out some bait where I can get a clean shot with a clear line of sight, then sit and wait.

One thing is for sure, I know they're going to keep picking off our critters if I don't do something.


"You want to go where?"