Wow, that is odd. I've had two close encounters with coyotes in the past couple weeks. I was sitting alone by our fire ring in the forest behind out house after my wife, kids, and some friends had left after a cookout and a pack came by, probably after smelling ribs and hotdogs. I didn't see them because it was pitch black dark out, but they were only about 100 ft away when they all started yipping. I turned my headlamp on and pointed their direction and they lit out in an instant. I barely heard a rustle when they did.

The other was last friday when one by himself came into our front yard to see if he could snatch one of our chickens. Our dogs saw him and chased him off.

It's legal to kill coyotes here. Not many people hunt them for sport, but some do. Right now there are far too many living nearby us and it has occured to me that I might have to shoot a few before too long. I thought I might try to pop them with a paintball gun first to see if they'd relocate on their own.

This is the first time I've heard of more than one attacking a person though. Weird.

"You want to go where?"