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I have had some lengthy discussions about this with friends and done some reading on the subject as well. What I found out is that the claim that "Sensible Sweat" stops under certain conditions (as Stephenson says) of temperature or humidity is simply wrong. There are lots of well documented articles (search "Google-Scholar") on the subject of sensible sweat. None suggest it ever stops. Yet, some, not all, who try a VBL are able to sleep without accumulating condensation. So here is my question. Where does the water vapor go if it doesn't condense on the VBL?

OK, your logic could not be logical.

Sensible and insensible sweat are involved, and maybe they are confused. I dunno without seeing what you read.

Evidence strongly suggests that some people get along well with a VBL, and some don't. So, maybe not everybody is the same. Important point.

The people who don't get along well with VBL complain of being wet or uncomfortable.

The people who get along well with VBL don't have that complaint.

Maybe those who get along well with VBL are those whose insensible sewating shuts down, as advertised by the VBL theory. In that case, the question of "where does the sweat go?" has no meaning.

Keep an open mind, and thimk. :-)

I find that my hands sweat a lot, and for winter bicycling, the only type of gloves that don't fill up with sweat for me are breathable -- no waterproof/breathable glove breathe enough for me. This is also true of the owner of the local bicycle shop. He tries to caution his staff not to oversell the multitude of waterproof breathable gloves in stock. Both of us use a fairly dense fleece glove which is somewhat wind resistant but stays dry and is warm. There are dense wool gloves that might work well too.

I have a good sized sack of worthless, for me, waterproof/breathable gloves.

I am not a likely candidate for a VBL approach. I"ve tried it with gloves, and while the glove will stay dry, the wetness of my hands is too much of a bother.

Other people, obviously, don't respond in the same way.