I use something that is very similar to Tinny's Gram Weinie Cook kit except it is something that I put together myself. I do carry a simple alky stove as a back-up and my main stove is the choke hazard which I also got from Tinny. I think the total weight is around 14 oz. with the extra back-up stove. That is also with two 4 oz. bottles of fuel. I do use the Heiny pot and the hard ware cloth pot stand. So here is what I think that it would look like.

Heiny Pot w/Lid
hardware cloth pot stand
choke hazard stove
(2) 4 oz. bottles of fuel
a hand towel
a small square primer sheet (aluminum)
Top burner alky stove )back-up)
Lexan spoon & fork
Small bic lighter
ferrocium strike rod (back-up)
and then of course the two zip-loc containers that form the comtainer for all of the cook kit (Similar to Tinny's)

The zip-loc containers keep me from having to carry any kind of bowl or me having to eat out of my Heiny pot which is usually way too hot to do that. awesome
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