Out of le standard gear list:

Kitchen kit:
Penny Alcohol stove made from heineken cans 16 gr
2U wire pot stand made from coat hanger, 15 gr
piece of aluminum cake pan for windscreen. 20 gr
plastic cup 19 gr
AntiGravity Gear "3 cup" pot with pot cozy 141 gr
Bic Mini Lighter 12 gr
lexan spoon. 15 gr

That is with me about 90% of the time - three season backpacking it is what I carry. It's often in my dayhike bag for tea brewups.

Here it is in action on a frosty morning:

Sometimes, if dayhiking with the better half we cook a bit more and I substitute the snow peak stove for the alcohol stove.

In winter lately I've taken to carrying an MSI double pot set (sometimes called a double boiler). with that I will carry either my Borde Bomb stove with a similar wire potstand to the above, or I carry a svea 123 inside the double potset. The goal there being to be able to melt snow in subzero temps.

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