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I thought you might be able to relate to my little experience. The NL moose seem so much bigger than Ont moose. Is this the case?
Good luck on your hunt.

Well, not much "luck" hunting. We went to a new area east of slave lake where we could get moose draws easy. saw exactly two moose tracks in fresh snow in three days! - not a lot of deer and *tons* of wolf. actually saw wolves twice, which is unusual for here, as they are ususally *really* shy around people because they get shot.

Had a wolf on a cutline sitting and just watching us, instead of taking off. after a while of watching through the riflescope I told my dad "ok I'm gonna do him a favour and educate him." I put the crosshair about three feet to the right of his nose and put a round of .30/06 into the snow in front of him. He started, and continued to just look back at us and occasionally amble down the cutline bold as brass..

Anyway, the new area was a bust but we still had fun. wolves and deer, snow buntings, great grey owls, and hawk owls. The only real bummer was I forgot the little wad of hardware cloth I use as an inline spark arrestor for my little wood stove in my shangri-la, so I got a few pinholes on the tent..

Oh, and I also was hammocking in what worked out to be a low of -14C with wind.. that's a new low for me in the hammock.

Any fool can be uncomfortable...
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