Tom - I know you tow a sled or pulk, and from a traction standpoint that is a tough task for a ski - you have more mass to move but don't have that weight on your back where it can add to your traction. My skis (atomic Rainiers) are same dimensions as yours. With a pack (30-40 lbs)on, I can climb about a 10 degree slope without skins, less if it's powdery (although if it's sticky powder, then I can climb pretty steep - but not ski down!). With the skins on, I can go straight up as steep as my nerves can handle. I've never tried any slope that I couldn't go straight up, but I don't think I've tried anything much over 30 degrees. That's steep enough for me - it feels pretty hairy going straight up something that steep. And I might add that's a measured 30 degrees. I carry an inclinometer when I'm backcountry skiing, to help me assess avalanche risk, and it's surprising how much steeper I thought things were than what I found when I measured them.