Well, not exactly.
I have both a Bibler and a Black Diamond made in China. The Bibler is 8 or 9 years old but I have yet to see anything like that made under another brand. As a matter of fact the closest to it is the Hilleberg Allak.
One point that many mention (similar discussion was happening at BPL recently) is that the price has remained the same so profits have to be higher. Could it be that to keep the profits at the same level most had to transfer production to China ?
(hint your wage, in the US, is provably higher now than in 2000....)
BTW, I have a mate that designs tents in Hong Kong and has them made in " China". He is very aware of what is on the market, however he is very careful not to copy any existing design .There are of course similarities. Just like most 6 cylinder cars looks the same to me...
BTW, I have seen the same Bibler made in Seattle and in China and could not tell the difference. No pretence of being made in the USA for the tag clearly states "Made in China".
Of course if I could and were over there , I would try to buy "Made in the USA", in fact I do that from here... (nothing is made in Australia)