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For your weight, get the biggest shoes you can find. The old school wooden shoes are great for Northern Canada where the ground is flat and the snow deep and fluffy. Otherwise, just get a big pair of Atlas or similar shoes. I'd stay away from MSR's-they are probably too small for you without the tails and may be awkward with them. Get poles, as already mentioned. Cheap ski poles will work fine. I use my trekking poles with snow baskets on them.

I'll disagree with tom here on the MSR's.. I have the MSR's with tails and they work very very nice for me (and I'm quite a bit bigger than you) on anything but fluffy powder.. Nothing works well on deep fluffy powder. Big traditional snowshoes do work better on fluffy deep stuff, when it's flat. if you are potentially in mountain country on a slope, they suck. (they become a very bad pair of skis smile

I don't find the tails really that onerous on the msr's at all. I can take them off on harder stuff but never do. I just leave them on all the time. If I could get foot long MSR tails I would buy them.
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