I'm new to backcountry travel. Been dayhiking for years. Long day hikes are my favorite, but I'm starting to feel like I'm missing out on some stuff, so I decided I need to start carrying more, to get in further so I can see more.

I have my first trip in September with a group, going to Grand Canyon. I have a nephew who went last April and he said his group rented an Outsak to store their food overnight. I went to the manufacturers website http://www.simpleoutdoorstore.com/
and sure they suggest it. I want to know what anyone out there with more experience than me, thinks about using a stainless steel bag to store your food.
Apparently the canyon has metal containers for the last night in a campground, but we are doing 3 nights in more remote locations.

Is it worth carrying an Outsak while traveling in Grand Canyon?

No rush on an answer, I've got about 7 weeks until my trip.

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