Does anyone have suggestions for a site where I can "publish" my gear list? I can convert it (currently Excel) to almost any format, but if I try to put it in a forum post, it's extremely difficult to read (spacing from a Word file goes away when I copy/paste). Obviously, I'd prefer something that is free.

I could do it on BPL, but I'd just as soon not cope with being flamed by the under-5-pound, anti-TP contingent over there. I guess I'm a little too thin-skinned for that. My pack is lightweight, not ultra-light, and I have no plans to go to the latter category. On the other hand, suggestions for saving another pound or two are always welcome.

BTW, should you want to convert Excel to .pdf, the converter is on, of all places, the Print menu. Conversion to other file types is on the "Save As" menu. Don't ask me why!

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