My bugnet is basically a full-length stuffsack for the hammock, with a draw cord at one end. I purchased 18 feet of black tulle from Walmart, folded it in half, sewed both sides together, and made a channel with string through it at the top.

It was pretty easy to make, and you're definitely 100% protected from bugs. The closed end is at the foot of the hammock, and the open end slides up and down the guyline towards the head of the hammock. Hop inside, and synch it closed.

It's a lot of fabric, but it was the only fiddle-free method I could come up with. Total weight: 3.1 oz

I like Phats method of using pockets and weights. I wonder how well it would work if you used some of those really small rare-earth magnets. For each connecting point, attach one to the hammock, and another (or something metal) to the netting.