Nice list! I love that you are not to concerned with extra clothing. The first backpacking trip I ever went on I brought like two extra pairs of pants and three extra shirts and an extra sweatshirt! I was not a happy camper.

The last trip I went on I brought zero extra clothes, and I went swimming in a Colorado mountain lake. I was shivering and wet but by the time I got back to camp my zip off pants that I wore in were practically dry as well as the underarmor I wore underneath.

I see that you have been doing your research. The only thing about your list was the down pillow. I just use my sweatshirt or something, but that is an one of those luxuries that some people just like and I understand. (I always bring thermals and wool socks for sleeping in)

Over looks great! Stick to polyester with cloths and you'll be in good shape!
Let me tell you about living free.