When I first read about doing that I was a bit worried that it would not cope with the stretch/shrink effect of silnylon, however I noticed that on some tubes of silicone the label states a 15% stretch, and that is similar to what the fabric does.
I did all of the floor of the Lighthouse ( on the inside) about 5 years ago, still looks the same , no signs of peeling. It has been seldom used in that time due to a condition called Tarptenteitis Major.
The weight increase should match the amount of silicone used since the mineral spirits will evaporate.
Because of the "rubbery" surface you end up with , it will pick up a lot of dirt and makes it more difficult to clean the floor for me, not a big deal thogh.
Give it plenty of time to dry, I made a hole in mine by having some of the floor fabric sticking toghether after it was hung up to dry overnight.

To treat the floor to prevent sliding, I would reccomend painting dots instead of stripes. Much easier to "sweep " the floor that way.
(also looks much nicer...)