Roger B
You gotta think that a lot of guys who right this stuff don't care whether it works or or not - its the book sales that counts and there are a lot of nuts to go around. You can find enough support for any particular crazy idea, that some will say its a matter of HYOH hike your own hike.
I will say that on steep terrain, especially rocky, that you should use your knees as springs and keep your body weight from bouncing so much so you glide more.

However I think more importantly - on steep uphill, or long hard level hiking, is to time your breathing with your steps, and practice deep aerobic breathing. If its tough terrain I will [inhale (step step)] then [exhale (step step)], so that I completely inhale in two counts, and completely exhale in two counts. This moves a lot of oxygen through your body and gives you a regular amount of air per step.

Anyway I always feel lighter when I breath deeply the gathering gloom. confused I try to practice the Tibetan art of running with feet not touching the ground, but I seem to be doing it wrong. I also try to practice walking lighly, but I still weigh the same.
Jim S
These are my own opinions based on wisdom earned through many wrong decisions. Your mileage may vary.