How many of us actually BAKE (as opposed to steaming) when we're backpacking?

I have an OutBack oven hood. It neatly covers my 1.5 L. pots and does double duty in winter as a heat conserving item to melt snow faster. But, with the aneroid thermometer built into the lid handle I can bake whatever I want.

Howsomever, I MUST have a stove with a remote fuel container. It's not safe to use the OutBack Oven with a SVEA 123 or an on-the-canister stove like an MSR Pocket Rocket or Vago Jet-Ti. The fuel container will absolutly overheat with disasterous results.

I've baked cinnamon rolls, Bisquick jelly-filled biscuits, pizza and muffins in my 1.5 L. pots. And on a cold winter evening that is the "piece de resistance" of the meal.

However you must have a stove that will simmer low enough (MSR Dragonfly or Wind-pro, for ex.) A SimmerLite white gas stove may not be able to go low enough W/O a diffuser plate. Backpacker's Pantry, who sells the OutBack Oven, also sells the steel (yeah, heavy) diffuser plates or you can make one from 1/8 thick aluminum by drilling lots of 1/16th in. holes in it, as I did.

My experience is that the Dragonfly is the only liquid fuel stove that will simmer low enough to bake with. We tried my buddy's Simmerlite stove with no luck. I owned a new Optimus multi-fuel stove that, no matter how much I tried, would not simmer low enough. I took it back and got the Dragonfly.

Virtually all canister gas stoves will simmer low enough to bake with the OutBack Oven in my experience but, remember, they must be remote fuel stoves.

I have no experience (yet) with a BushBuddy stove but I'd bet that, with hardwoods, it could bake also. Maybe a diffuser would be needed 'til the flames died down to coals. Then you could feed one or two sticks in at a time to keep it going.

Alcohol stoves likely would not burn long enough to bake with. Otherwise they may be Ok, especially if they have a flame control mechanism. (Ye Gods! I just said mechanism in the same sentence with Alky stoves. Slap my face!)

Let's hear your tales of baking. This is a perfect topic to talk about freezer bag baking ingredients prepared at home and mixed in the bag with water at camp.


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