I have to agree on the Mercedes of hammocks - the nice part is the Blackbird costs about the same as a Hennessy. In terms of ultralight shelters 170 is reasonable.

On a semi tangental note, I went this morning to walk around a local park and one of my hiking group members joined me, and of course we were talking about a backpacking trip the group is taking in August - he bought a dome tent at REI and he has a Hennessy, and he was going back and forth on hammock vs tent. He had his tent in his truck (retired folks can go anytime, he sez) and I had my hammock (I was going to a park, isn't that what they're for? smile ) and so we set them up. After a good look at it and asking a few questions, he said he's selling the Hennessy to get the money to buy a Blackbird. I really didn't have to say a word - I set up the hammock while he was setting up the tent, and I was in the hammock while he was still fighting with poles. He liked the pad pocket (Hennessy doesn't have one) and the strap/line suspension. The bugnet really impressed him - the BB has the finer noseeum netting.

I'm just impressed every time I get in the hammock - I wish my bed were half as comfy.
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