You don't really need to attach the netting at all. All attachments come with their own problems. I haven't used an attached net since I sold my HHs years ago.

Mainly, I want to be able to 1. bail out on either side; 2. not use the net at all sometimes like when using the hammock as a chair; 3. avoid failure prone components (how will will a light zipper hold when you roll onto it?); 4. keep the weight down; 5. keep it simple.

Just let the net hang. It seals enough to exclude the bugs. I put large pockets on each side of the net so when the wind is blowing, I can drop something into the pockets to keep the net in place. Of course, when the wind is blowing mosquitoes are not a problem, but the flapping net is distracting.

There are a million attachment-free net designs. Just Jeff's page has several and a search of forums will turn up a lot more.