So I tried my hand at building my first double walled side burning alc stove With V8 Cans the other night in an attempt to lighten my load a little and have a decent alc stove for an attempt at the first couple hundred miles on the AT(See a thru-hikers pack? Lite gear talk) I got the plans for the stove I built from 0.5oz v8 stove. Upon testing the stove I was having a little trouble keeping the stove primed. Every time I placed the pot on top of the stove the flames would extinguish and I was using a rather large amount of fuel to boil 20oz of water (upwards of 3 tablespoons) Iím going to try to modify the stove design building a new one a little shorter with smaller jets and placing the jets a little lower on the sides of the can and let you know my results. ive built a few other stoves like the Jim wood cat stove witch burns rather well but throws much of its flame around the outside of my snowpeak trek 900ti. Iím also going to build a small penny stove with the jets ported inside towards the middle of the pot to put inside my esbit stove if I decide to keep taking it. Or I may just use the penny stove with a windscreen pot stand combo. I am looking for a design that would allow me to boil up to 24 oz of water with not using over 2 table spoons of alc(heet). Any suggestions would help thanks. Ill post results on the new stoves as soon as I get a chance to build and test them

Thanks & happy trails
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