Yeah - I checked with the ranger and she said as long as it was in a fire pan and we brought our own wood, they were OK with it. They don't want uncontained fires, and they especially don't want people using wood from within the National Park, whether downed or on trees.

In an emergency you might talk them out of fining you...but those campsites are only a few miles from the parking at Badger Pass, so putting yourself in a "survival" situation there seems like a bit of a stretch.

(As an aside, I'd never bring a Duraflame log again either; it created stinky chemical residue I felt should be packed out. There are some "all-natural" manufactured logs that would probably be better, and kindling wood would work equally well for something the size of the SnowPeak portable fireplace/grill. All that said, it sure added some nice atmosphere to our snow kitchen.)