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Tom Has a Colman Xtreme - its a compressed gas liquid feed. Its hard to imagine what would be in a repair kit, except maybe a jet cleaner or an O-ring. Its extremely reliable unlike white gas stoves which require cleaning.

I don't think wood fires are allowed up where hes going in Yosemite, but even if they are, I don't think Toms winter prowess includes lighting wood fires on top of snow. Its not an easy thing to do, without a saw, because you need large green limbs under it all and you know how they feel about cutting down trees in the national park. He'll watch his use. He has two bottles. If hes smart he'll change to number two before number one is gone, so if two dies - he has a backup and he'll know how to ration its use. He has about 3 hours worth of fuel at medium high. Tom drinks less coffee than me so he won't need to melt 7 gallons of snow.
Jim wink
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