Hi Tom
As I recall I made you leave out a huge pile of stuff the last time and still our stuff did not all fit into my 12,000 inch Kifaru sled.

In my own opinion, your winter kit lacks the following.

You rely on layering and spare clothes too much - just take the set you'll wear skiing in and your big big down coat and some real insulated pants not some UL stuff. If you carry and spare clothes take one pair of socks and spare long underwear for sleeping.

1) Take no more than two fuel bottles. Do not take a spare stove. Do not take a spare anything except gloves or socks. Sleep in a balaclava.

2) your sleeping bag/bag/over bag/bivy bag/pads etc sucks. Rent one bag that will do it corectly.

3) The tent is no good.

Take one pan, leave out the booties, leave out goggles, ski skins, and shovel. As I said the last time - forget the Nuptse. Take no more than 2 pairs of gloves. Is the rain gear part of your day ski gear?

Remember - pulling a sled is aerobic.

Jim - wish I could join youbut gas is too dear
These are my own opinions based on wisdom earned through many wrong decisions. Your mileage may vary.