I weigh between 145 and 155 and have relatively low body fat. I won't carry more than 40lbs, I don't want to carry more than 35lbs, I try not to carry more than 30lbs, and prefer to be under 25lbs total pack weight for my trips.

I have the Aether 70 and love it. It is the most comfortable pack I've ever used. Having said that, it is a compromise pack for me. It needs to let me go solo, as a pack mule for one child, as a pack mule for both children, and, for short trips, as a pack mule for my whole family. For the gear and uses you've written about it should work just fine, but make sure that it really fits you. Body shape makes a huge difference as to which pack carries comfortably.
If I wouldn't eat it at home, why would I want to eat it on the trail?