You might like a panel-loading pack. The only really light ones I can think of are made by Six Moon Designs, and while I haven't seen one firsthand they do seem to come in good sizes. If you're concerned about fitting everything in a pack, you might consider using compression stuffsacks for your sleeping bag & clothes; it lets me get away with using a 3000 ci pack instead of a 4000 ci one.

A good, lightweight tent that can (supposedly) hold up to wind is the Tarptent Double Rainbow. I bought one after reading a number of positive reviews a few months back, but still have to test it in someone's back yard before camping with it. (Spring is almost here!) It comes with additional guyline tie points along the center ridge, making it pretty windproof; the manufacturer rates it as a "3+" season tent. I have a set of Backpacking Light spectra guylines in the mail that I plan to add.

I too stick with synthetic bags. Right now it's an REI Nooksack UL... it's only rated for +35F and doesn't have much loft, but I make up for it by wearing most of my clothes at night. I'm happy with my setup. I'm thinking of picking up my first synthetic quilt, probably by Bozeman Mountain Works or Mountain Laurel Designs. I'm a little skeptical about the lack of bottom & head coverage, but I'm willing to try.