I'm on my way, sort of, to Yosemite for a few days. I was going to leave tonight, but there is some bad weather brewing, so I am postponing it until tomorrow night. I just weighed by bag for my sled and it's a hefty 45 lbs. That doesn't include my bear canister with some food in it-the rest is in the bag already- my pack and a few things in it and my skis and sled itself.

I'm sure I should leave some stuff behind, but can't figure out what I really don't want to be without. I'm by myself, so I don't have anyone to split the load with which makes it even worse. How anyone does this with just a pack is beyond me. My duffle bag is the size of a footlocker and is chock full. It doesn't seem like I have any real frills, but it all adds up.

Jim-I must have as much stuff as you and I took to Yosemite together. Most of my gear is the same as before-
Different tent (old EMS Pompero mountain tent);
bag, overbag and bivy; two pads, some extra pieces of blue foam;
shovel (never leave the parking lot without it);
insulated jacket and pants (might leave big red jacket in the car and use my Nuptse); raingear (REI Jacket, Marmot pants;
Capilene base layer, couple of pair of socks/briefs;
misc. gloves;
balaclava and beanie;
single Coleman Xtreme stove-3 bottles of fuel;
Primus Micron backup stove.
cook kit and pot for Primus;
food for 5 days in case I get stranded, which is highly unlikely;
Survival kit (ten essentials type stuff);
Pack (Kelty);
skis (Atomic Rainier) with skins;
poles (Leki trekking poles with snow baskets);
Garmont Excursion plastic boots;
Down booties;
Camera (little Canon), binoculars;
Some stuff to read-work related;
Sunglasses, goggles.
I think that is about it. A ridiculous amount of stuff for 4 days.
Don't get me started, you know how I get.