I was wondering if there was some sort of ratio I should try to stay in when comparing my pack weight to my body weight. I've only done two backpacking trips and they probably 8 years ago when I was 17. I just used an old army rucksack, since thats what I could afford at the time. IIRC my 2nd trip, my pack weighed in around 34lbs. I was probably 140lbs at the time, and managed just fine. I'm 155 now, and while its muscle, I'd still say that my overall shape isn't as good as I was back then. I'm just wondering if there's a certain final weight I should try to stay under. Just the pack, bag, and tent I'm looking at weighs about 12lbs, so I'm wondering by the time I add everything else, if I'll be able to handle the load in the mountains. I realize without knowing my abilities, that no one can really say. Just looking for something like, "you should try to keep it under XXlbs"

Right now I'm looking at the Osprey Aether 70. MSR Hubba Hubba tent, and Marmot Trestles 30 bag. I plan on doing mostly 2-3 day trips, with some 4-6 day trips. I'lll do most of my backpacking in FL and GA, but would like to try to do most of the AT eventually. I've already looking at doing a week on the AT in NC this summer. Any advice would be appreciated.