Well all the advice is excellent. I think I will purchase the Badger as it is a 15* bag. I do not have any doubts that I will need a summer bag though. The sleeping bag is one area where I will spend some dough and WM seems to make a bag that's worth it. Also, the large size of the Badger will work well for me. In regards to hiking in the summer months when it is muggy, I don't think I'll do much of that. I also plan to ask some of the folks I'll be hiking with what they recommend. The guy I deal with at the local outfitter recommends the badger and he camps a lot in the area but I do like to hear advice from others.

If anything I sleep on the warm side but don't put out the heat like I used to. Being diabetic also requires some consideration as I have read that it tends to aid in colder extremities.

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