I really need to get a bag since I plan on camping soon. I am going to camp with a meetup group in the area and will be doing some beginner stuff in march / april time frame. I really like the western mountaineering bags but I just can't decide which one. I was asked by one outfitter what I thought the coldest I would sleep in and my reply was 0 degree once I get more experience as I would like to travel out west some. We can have nights that get below 20 in the mountains around here in the winter months so I thought about the badger which is a 15 degree bag, large cut (which I will need) but I'm afraid I'll roast in the spring and fall. I plan on purchasing a lesser expensive synthetic bag for the summer months as I probably won't camp much during those times. I would imagine the spring and fall temps to be anywhere from 30-50 at night in the mountains.

Give me some feedback in terms of what degree bag I should look at. I am pretty set on WM bags based on my research which is not to discount other bag manufacturers, just that I have made my mind up on this one...I think. Uh, yeah.