already on it. I ordered the sub kilo +20 regular from REI while it was still on sale last night. i think with shipping it came just to $145. so it was nearly $100 off. 750 goose weighing in at 29 ounces seems pretty nice to me and the price was reasonable. I just finished selling an expensive gun so i split the funds down the middle, half for personal everyday things and the other half to help finish getting whatever i need for backpacking. this gives me about 300-350 for for spending and with the sleeping bag i am down to $200.

The next purchase i am going to make is probably going to be a gravity filter. I know they have gotten mixed reviews but the ones the IDFG are pump filters so i thought i will mix it up especially since there will be back up filters around for the first few trips in case there are any problems with the grav.

I finally got my clothes all lined up and ready. I have a nice therma rest inflatable mate that is a little heavy but still very nice. I think the last of my checklist of goodies is a filter, headlight, pot cozy( going to make), wind screen (going to make), and a light stove (going to make). i might thinkg about getting a walking stick but i have never used one before so i am not sure if i really need one. any opinions?