Hello everyone

I need a little advice and guidance here. A few years ago I went on 3-4 seperate overnighters in the Smokies with a friend of mine and absolutely loved the whole experience and would really like to possibly pick this up as a hobby. I'm an avid car camper (which I know is much much different)but I would really like to see some of the backcountry spots my parents used to got to.

Not too long ago someone gave me a backpack that has never been used other than using it as luggage on a plane. Its a Lowe Alpine Contour classic 90 +15. It seems to be pretty large but I really don't know. Should I just invest in a new one? Seems kind of a waste since its basically new. I've got a small 1-2 person tent...weighs about 5 lbs I guess). As well as other little pieces of gear like a used stove, some rain gear, and boots.

My biggest problem is that I really don't have a partner. Only having done a few overnighters, it might be nice to have someone else along. I'm pretty confident I could do it solo but what would you all advise?